About Vis Maior

It's been a long road for Vis Maior. The core of our guild started many years ago on the Everquest server Quellious where they found great success dominating PvE content. Some years later the guild made the move to World of Warcraft where we began on Warsong and ended up on Bonechewer. We collected every server first boss kill on Bonechewer while we raided there and had a number of top 10 world kills in Naxxramas and Sunwell Plateau.

After conquering Trial of the Crusader the guild leadership and most of our core were simply burned out on the game. We took the opportunity to step back from the hardcore raiding scene. Many guilds make this choice because of internal drama or a loss of critical players but we wanted to go out on our own terms. Some of our members raided elsewhere, some of us played different games for a while, but over the years many of us found our way back to Warcraft, and to each other.

With the release of Legion we've begun raiding once again, albeit much more casually. We initially came back to the Zul'jin realm but finding the population imbalance unfavorable we have since transferred to Sargeras. Presently we raid 2 nights a week (Tuesday 9-11 EST and Wednesday 8-11 EST). We rarely exceed 4-5 hours a week, excepting our optional raid night on Thursday from 9-11 EST which we use to clear content not deemed strictly necessary for progression.

We are a guild of smartasses and jokesters but we are also adults. We are not interested in members who create unnecessary drama or interpersonal conflicts.

Vis Maior has seen lots of change over the years. The players change, the server changes, and even the game changes, but the drive to succeed will never be extinguished. We raid very little compared to the old days but we strive to be as efficient as we can in that time. We maintain a hardcore raider's mindset with a more casual time commitment.