About Vis Maior

Goals: Our goal is to progress steadily through Mythic raid content on a light raid schedule.

Raid Schedule: We raid from 9:15PM - 11:15PM EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We also have an optional raid night from 9PMish - 11PMish EST on Thursdays. This is reserved for content not deemed necessary for progression.

Loot: Loot is officer-decided, based on overall benefit to the guild, member attendance, recent items awarded, size of upgrade, contribution to raids, and other factors. We have no tolerance for loot drama. We require members to use the addon RC Loot Council to make bidding and awarding loot as quick as possible. We use Master Loot for progression content and Personal loot for farm content.

Atmosphere: Our guild is full of smartasses who love to tackle challenges and have fun doing it. If you make a mistake, you will hear about it. Then you will hear about it again, and again, and again. If you cannot take a joke, we are not the guild for you. If you are not willing to die repeatedly and push yourself to beat new encounters, we are not the guild for you. If you can't learn from your mistakes and work to improve upon them, we are not the guild for you. If you are the kind of person who cannot work as part of a team and take constructive advice and criticism, this guild is not for you.


Desired Classes: Please check the main page for a list of what we are currently recruiting. We only recruit classes when and if we need them, but we may consider applications from exceptional players of all classes in rare situations. We typically recruit players to fulfill a role as a certain spec, but prefer players capable of and geared for playing multiple specs. We don't recruit "backup" players.

Schedule: We are looking for people who can commit to near 100% attendance. We understand that sometimes real life interferes with video games but as long as you can make the majority of our raids on a regular basis that's fine.

Gear: We need potential applicants to be at least capable of participating in Heroic raids and ideally jumping straight into Mythic. That means an average item level of around 870 and all 3 Gold Traits in your artifact. More is always better but this should be considered a baseline.

Experience: Experience with current or past content is very beneficial but not an absolute necessity as long as you are motivated to learn with us.

Achievements: For now, either Ahead of the Curve: Xavius (Heroic) or Keystone Conqueror achievements will suffice to demonstrate you have at least basic competency.

Skill: While we have a light raid schedule we want our raiders to be the best they can be. We expect you to have a good knowledge of your class and basic raid mechanics. If you are applying for a DPS slot, please include DPS parses.

Attitude: You should always want what's best for the guild over personal benefit. This should be evident in your interactions with us. Loot whores or drama queens need not apply. We expect a laid back, friendly atmosphere in raids but that does not mean it's ok to hinder progress by not putting in effort.

UI: We don't have any particular UI requirements, but we do prefer players who have spent time to perfect their UIs. Screenshots are appreciated!

Transfer: We expect you to transfer as soon as we decide to recruit you. Don't submit an application if you cannot transfer immediately.

Rerolls: We accept reroll applications for exceptional players.

Computer: Your computer must be able to handle raid environments and whatever UI mods you require to perform. If you share a connection with nine other people or run a machine that locks up in Dalaran, please don't waste our time. Discord Voice Chat is required. This includes having a working microphone that doesn't sound like it's mounted somewhere in your nasal cavity or the middle of a hurricane. We expect members to be able to communicate during raids when necessary and prefer if people are comfortable talking in general.


Please take the time to write something that conveys what kind of player you are and demonstrates that you have a serious interest in the guild. We don't have an application for you to fill out and that's on purpose - we want you to take the opportunity to tell us about yourself. This includes past guilds, past raiding experience, current life situation if you like, anything you feel would be relevant.

You can post your application in our recruitment forum, here, or you can PM it to the "Legion Officer" group on the forums. You can also contact an officer in game with any questions.


Attendance: We expect good attendance from new recruits. Ideally we'd like people who can be available on all raid nights but we understand real life comes first. As long as you can make a good majority of our raids on a regular basis that's acceptable.

Performance: You must understand strategies and perform your role effectively. You need to be able to communicate. If you do not understand something, we expect you to ask about it. We analyze your performance on damage/healing meters and general observations in guild after each encounter. You should constantly strive to improve. You are expected to have appropriate consumables to raid each day. This includes multiple flasks, potions and food. These are particularly important during progression so please do not skimp.

Attitude: You must prove that you'll not only be a capable raider, but a great person to be guilded with. We expect recruits to be constantly interacting with members and maintain a positive, helpful attitude.

Process: During recruitment you will be tagged with the guild. During this time members will evaluate your personality and skill in our private recruit forums. Once we are satisfied that you will be a good fit with the guild you be made a full member. This will be between 2 and 4 weeks for most people. During this time you will be eligible for loot but priority will be given to main raiders.